Why use gas springs?

Why use gas springs?

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When are gas springs needed?
To maneuver, raise, lower, pivot or counterbalance a load with a precise movement between
two set points at a controlled speed.

There is a wide range of possible applications:
All types of industry are exposed to the “Gas Spring Revolution” Car manufacturers were the first
user of them in the 1970s. Since then ,All car hatchbacks are equipped with gas spring. Ind
Industrial engineers have developed many applications for them.

Gas springs are used on nearly all commercial vehicles(mobile sales vans, coaches,lorries, caravans…)
hand luggage storage on planes, and also for garage doors,shop display cases(bakeries and butchers etc.)
conservatory widows or vents,sunbed ,hospital bed,funiture for office equipment(computers,drafting tables,
adjuestable chairs.. even sporting equipment etc.)

The range is endless.

The advantages of gas springs
Over a mechanical spring:
A gas spring has a hydraulic damping length at the end of the stroke.
A gas spring is more compact than its mechanical equivalent.
A gas spring may reach a 10 year life span in certain applications and still remain completely
A gas spring is corrosion-proof.
A gas spring is easy to use.