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How about credentials for nitrogen gas springs of Tieying Spring?
All products in Guangzhou Tieying Spring Technology Co.,ltd. meet the international standards. Since establishment, we have been focusing on the quality of gas spring . The product has already passed related qualifications and certificates and received much recognition from more customers.

Tieying Spring Technology Company is a brand of gas spring famous for its high quality and considerate service. Tieying Spring Technology Company focuses on providing a variety of stainless steel gas springs for customers. Supported by highly proficient workers, Tieying Spring Technology Company Compression Gas Spring is delicately crafted and has an aesthetically-pleasing appearance. It's critical to the smooth operation of machines in transportation and electronics. Its quality is guaranteed by the comprehensive quality control system. It functions as a tensioner when used to the door hinge.

To be a high-end company in locking gas spring industry, our company has been striving to develop its own ability to produce locking gas spring. Inquire!
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