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How long will it take if I want buy gas struts sample?
It depends upon if you've got special requirements for your gas struts sample. Usually, we'll send the usual sample. Following the sample is sent, we'll send you an email notification of the condition of the purchase. If you experience a delay in getting a sample sequence, please contact us immediately and we'll help you confirm that the condition of the sample.

Guangzhou Tieying Spring Technology Co.,ltd. is one of the largest exporter and manufacturer in the field of tension gas spring. Tieying Spring Technology Company focuses on providing a variety of gas spring for customers. Tieying Spring Technology Company gas spring cylinder uses the high-grade basic materials in complete compliance with industry standards. It prevents from slamming so that it does not hurt users' fingers. The form of this product harmonizes with the function. Featuring compression resistance, it has excellent buffering performance.

Tieying Spring Technology Company has been putting a great amount of effort into pursuit that is beneficial to the development of the company. Please contact.
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