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What is gas spring?


Gas spring is a lifting spring can be labor-saving, can be divided into locking gas spring (such as the bottom of the lifting, seat of the boss chair backrest),  non-locking gas spring (lifting support such as closet doors, the car tail box), structure of gas spring is mainly composed of a sleeve, a piston and a piston rod and so on, with a high pressure air or high-pressure nitrogen gas in the sleeve, both ends of the piston area due to unequal pressure difference, push the piston and piston rod movement and support people or objects.


Pneumatic spring on the market in general can be divided into the following:


Free type gas spring (Zhi Chenggan) (Lift gas spring)

This is the most widely used gas spring. It mainly plays a supporting role, only the shortest, the longest two position, unable to stop in the journey to. The most widely used in automobile, textile machinery, printing equipment, office equipment, engineering machinery and other industries, such as auto gas spring. Free type gas spring with its light, stable work, convenient operation, price concessions and so on, wait until the wide application in automobile, engineering machinery, printing machinery, textile equipment industry. Or alpine environment, acid or alkaline environment.


Lockable gas spring (angle, controllable gas spring) (Lockable gas spring)

Application of this kind of gas spring up in the medical device. The gas spring with the help of some release mechanism can travel anywhere in the stop, and stop after the locking force is large (over 10000N).


Random stop gas spring (friction type gas spring, balanced type air spring)

This kind of gas spring is mainly used in the kitchen furniture, medical equipment and other fields. Between the characteristics between the free type gas spring and a self-locking type gas spring it: any position and can not stop on the trip in the external structure of any need, but no additional locking force. Mainly through the controller (a handle or cable) to achieve the effect. Can also be realized by the piston, such as piston gas spring. When using the controller to adjust the stop in the ideal position, the valve closes independently, the piston rod is locked at the required position. When the locking occurs, can achieve lock. But if the locking force is exceeded, the locking function is no longer valid.


Swivel air spring (pressure bar)

This kind of gas spring is mainly used in the swivel chair, adjust the position of the. Its characteristics are controlled, the demand for larger.

Pull type gas springs (gas traction springs) (Gas traction springs)this is a gas spring special: other gas spring in the free state in the long position, namely in the external force is to position the shortest from the long position, and the traction type air spring the free state in the short position, was drawn from the most weaknesses to the strengths of operation. Pull type gas springs also have corresponding freedom, self-locking type etc..


Damper (Damper)

Damper gas spring in automobile and medical devices are used more and more, its characteristic is the resistance change with the speed of operation. Can obviously connected to the mechanism velocity buffer. The damper is mainly used for buffering action, it is the biggest characteristic of air spring force changes with the velocity change. Spring is faster during the resistance movement when the guide gas spring force is increased, and when the action point movement is very slow, almost no resistance. The damper is mainly used in industry washing machine, refrigerator and so on.


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