Damper in queuing machine

At present, many office service halls need to queue for numbers. The queuing machine is integrated with computer technology, network technology, multimedia technology and communication technology. Using the queuing machine system can not only eliminate customers' long time "standing in line", complaints about "wrong standing in line" and "queue jumping", improve service quality and corporate image, but also adjust business distribution, tap potential Reasonably arrange window services, reduce people's waiting time and improve work efficiency. Queuing and calling machine is widely used in government, industry and commerce, military, taxation, finance, communication, insurance, hospital, post, transportation and other fields. How does the damper work when the call station fails?


The support bar device on the call station can generate friction, bending, torsion, shear, viscous hysteresis deformation, elastoplastic hysteresis deformation, and viscoelastic hysteresis deformation to absorb the energy generated in the vibration input structure, so as to reduce the seismic response of the main structure, effectively avoid the damage or collapse of the structure, and achieve the purpose of vibration reduction control. The damping components in the damping structure are basically in an elastic state, mainly providing a sufficient excellent stiffness or damping for the main structure, so that the damping structure can effectively meet the requirements required in normal use. Damper is a device to provide resistance to motion and reduce motion energy.

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Post time: Oct-27-2022