Gas spring on the printing machine

The printer is a contact exposure imaging device used to make printing plates. The pressure (including atmospheric pressure and mechanical pressure) is used to make the original plate closely fit with the photosensitive plate, so that the images on the original plate can be accurately printed on the photosensitive plate through photochemical reaction.


The gas spring on the printing machine is compression gas spring.The product features that the gas spring is powered by high-pressure inert gas, has no pollution and noise, has the advantages of constant lifting force during the whole driving process, convenient and safe installation, no maintenance, etc., and is designed with a buffer mechanism to avoid impact in place, which is superior to ordinary springs.

The structure principle is mainly depends on the force generated by gas compression. When the force on the spring is large, the space inside the spring will shrink, and the air inside the spring will be compressed and squeezed. When the air is compressed to a certain extent, the spring will generate elastic force. At this time, the spring will be affected by the elastic force, and it will be able to return to the shape before deformation, that is, to the original state. The compressed air spring can play a very good supporting role, as well as a very good buffering and braking role. Moreover, the special compressed air spring can also play a very powerful role in angle adjustment and shock absorption.

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Post time: Oct-11-2022