How to determine the elasticity of gas spring?

Manufacturer of gas spring: like general torsion spring, gas spring is elastic, and its size can be determined by N2 working pressure or hydraulic cylinder diameter. But different from mechanical spring, it has nearly linear ductility curve, and some main parameters can be flexibly defined according to working conditions.

Now, let's actually deal with some problems in the gas spring, so that we can know how to deal with such problems when we encounter them.

1. How to disassemble the gas spring?

Answer: Before disassembling the gas spring, drill a small round hole at the bottom of the gas spring to let the gas and oil in it out, and then disassemble it. However, it cannot be disassembled at will, which may damage it.

2. What is the gas spring sealed with?

Answer: The seals in the gas spring are mainly composed of sealing rings, which mainly play the role of gas sealing. The gas spring manufacturer tells you that there is usually a metal ring in the middle of the seal ring, which is wrapped with ductile plastic.

3. Can the gas spring be repaired if it is broken?

Answer: Once the gas spring is broken, it can't be repaired, only the damage can be solved.

The gas spring manufacturer tells you that there are some things to pay attention to when using the gas spring, otherwise the service life of the gas spring will be shortened, and even the gas spring will be damaged. The main damage factors are as follows:

1、 The gas spring shall not be processed.

2、 Do not weld the gas spring and do not throw it into the fire.

3、 Do not put the gas spring in a place with high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight and much dust.

4、 The manufacturer of gas spring tells you not to disassemble and modify the connectors of gas spring and hose. Inadvertent disassembly can cause parts to pop out under high pressure, which is very dangerous.

5、 The gas spring manufacturer tells you not to make the gas springs collide with each other during storage and handling. In particular, once the piston rod is scratched, the service life of the gas spring will be greatly shortened. Please pay special attention when using.

Post time: Nov-18-2022