What should I pay attention to when using gas spring for machinery?

Mechanical gas spring is an industrial accessory that can support, cushion, brake, adjust height and angle. When it is used, its speed is relatively slow and its dynamic force changes little. Here are the precautions for using mechanical gas spring?

Mechanical gas spring is mainly used in the cover, door and other parts. It is mainly used as a support. In order to ensure that there are no problems when using it, we must introduce its precautions here. For example, the piston rod of the mechanical gas spring must be installed in a downward position, instead of upside down, so as to reduce friction and ensure good damping quality and cushioning performance. Because the mechanical gas spring is a high-pressure product, it must not be randomly dissected, baked or bumped in the future. In addition, it shall not be subjected to tilt force or lateral force during operation. It shall not be used as handrail. In addition, when using mechanical air springs, we must also pay attention to the problem that the installation position of its decisive fulcrum is the guarantee for the correct operation of the air spring. The air spring must be installed in the correct way, that is, when it is closed, let it move past the structural centerline. If you do not follow the instructions in the small manual, otherwise, the air spring will often automatically push the door open. To ensure the reliability of the seal, the piston rod surface shall not be damaged.

In addition, when operating the mechanical air spring, it is also strictly prohibited to paint and chemical substances on the piston rod. It is also not allowed to install the gas spring at the required position before spraying and painting. Mechanical air spring, operating ambient temperature: - 35 ℃ - + 70 ℃. Of course, its piston rod is forbidden to rotate. At this time, all you have to do is adjust the direction of the connector, which can only be turned to the right. When operating the mechanical air spring, the connecting point must also be installed, which should rotate flexibly without jamming. Of course, the size should be reasonable, the force should be appropriate, and the stroke size of the piston rod should have an 8mm margin. When selecting the mechanical gas spring, it should be noted that there are four types of joints: single piece, single ear, double ear and universal ball head, which are in turn single piece, single ear, double ear and universal ball head. Of course, its installation requires little space, but the lateral force caused by different shafts cannot be eliminated during the working process. If you don't understand something, you can call us at any time. You can see the contact information on the official website. You can also consult the online customer service personnel. Will help us solve some problems in the quotation method.

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Post time: Nov-23-2022