Pyrograph machine


Pyrograph machine various pyrograph through thermal transfer can be very hot on the fabrics such as cotton, hemp, chemical fiber, but also for silk screen printing, mucilage, foaming process such as heat treatment, can also be labelled color color, portrait, landscape design, and other baked in porcelain plates, metal plates, especially suitable for making MEDALS, commemorative ZhengPai, t-shirts, etc., economic and practical, beautifully designed. It is replacing the traditional embroidery and screen printing, but the cost and effect is much lower than and better than the general embroidery and multi-color silk printing.


The direct pressure handle part of the hot stamping machine uses a compression gas spring. It (compression gas spring) mainly relies on the force generated by gas compression to deform. Pyrograph machine installation of compressed gas spring, its principle is when the spring force is bigger, the spring inside the space is narrow, the inside of the spring is compressed air and extrusion, when air is compressed to a certain extent, can produce elasticity, when the spring is affected by the elastic, will be able to return to the front of the deformation form, also is restorable. Compressed gas spring can play a very good supporting role, but also can play a very good buffer and braking role, and special compressed gas spring can also play the role of Angle adjustment and shock absorption, the function is very powerful.

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Post time: Nov-05-2022