Wave soldering machine

Wave soldering machine is not only the welding production equipment of electronic products, but also the necessary production equipment for electronic product manufacturers. For most electronic manufacturers, they have a certain understanding of the wave soldering machine. The wave soldering machine is used to solder the electronic components on the circuit board with electronic components. The wave soldering machine can be of different sizes, so the gas spring on the cover can also be of different characteristics. Next, take the wave soldering machine as an example to introduce the difference between the gas spring of small machines and heavy machines.


Small wave crest welding machine -- compression gas spring

The small wave crest welder is small in size and does not occupy a position. The compressed gas spring is supported on the cover. Its principle is to deform by the force generated by gas compression. When the force on the spring is large, the space inside the spring will shrink, and the air inside the spring will be compressed and squeezed. When the air is compressed to a certain extent, the spring will generate elastic force. At this time, the spring will be affected by the elastic force, and it will be able to return to the shape before deformation, that is, to the original state. The compressed air spring can play a very good supporting role, as well as a very good buffering and braking role. Moreover, the special compressed air spring can also play a very powerful role in angle adjustment and shock absorption.


Heavy wave soldering machine -- safety shroud gas spring

Large wave crest welding machine covers a large area and is suitable for most electronic production enterprises. The safety shroud gas spring can be locked at any position of the stroke. There is a needle valve at the end of the piston rod of the self-locking gas spring. If the needle valve is opened, the self-locking gas spring can operate like a free gas spring; When the needle valve is loosened, the self-locking gas spring can automatically lock at the current position, and the self-locking force is often large, that is, it can support relatively large force. Therefore, the self-locking gas spring can be locked at any position of the stroke while maintaining the function of the free gas spring, and can also bear a large load after locking.

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Post time: Nov-03-2022