Features and applications of the any stop gas spring

Any stop gas spring is also called balance gas spring or friction gas spring. It also has the support function of storing high-pressure inert gas inside, which is different from the conventional gas spring. It is mainly between the performance of free gas spring and controllable gas spring. It can be stopped at any position without any external control structure, but without additional locking force.
Internal structure of air stop spring
It mainly realizes functions through internal structure. During the operation, the air spring is stopped at will. The operation is simple without an external control switch. The supported object can be opened directly and released at any position, which improves the work efficiency, shortens the use stroke and increases the service life of 5% products. This series of products have the advantages of simple function and operation, and are used in medical, cabinet, video equipment, electronic equipment and other fields.

Type Model Whole center length Stroke Piston rod diameter Cylinder diameter Force Connector
Any stop gas spring 180/60Q32T2


180 60 6 18 Require Q32T2


183 40 6 18 Q1Q1

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Post time: Oct-12-2022