What are the applications of gas springs & dampers in construction machinery and agricultural machinery?

Agricultural machinery and construction machinery vehicles generally work outdoors, so the load is large and the temperature environment is relatively harsh. Many unfavorable factors such as dust, vibration, oil pollution, cold, heat, humidity, etc. will affect the life of equipment parts. We have many years and rich application experience in the automotive industry, with high-quality manufacturing processes, we can provide gas springs & dampers that meet the requirements of agricultural machinery and construction machinery applications.

Gas springs and dampers can be used to control the opening, closing, support, and positioning of cab doors, front windshields, rear windshields, sunroofs, and cab toolbox covers.

The damper can also be used in the driver’s seat, which can effectively absorb the shock and vibration during the driving of the vehicle, protect the driver from bumps at work, and reduce the driver’s physical pressure. According to the driver’s weight and the road conditions of the vehicle, the damping characteristics of the damper can be adjusted as required to suit individual needs and environmental requirements.

The working temperature of the engine compartment of the vehicle is often as high as nearly 80 degrees Celsius, with large vibration and impact. The engine cover has a complex shape and heavy weight. It has very high requirements for the safety and reliability of the support mechanism. We can design it according to the application requirements of customers. Gas spring size, elasticity, installation orientation.

The steering damper can be used in the vehicle steering system, which can effectively absorb the impact of the bumpy road on the steering system, making the driver’s operation easier and more comfortable.

Applying lockable gas springs on the steering column of construction machinery and agricultural machinery, the driver can adjust the steering wheel to the most comfortable angle and height.

The damper is especially suitable for the tensioning system of the engine belt. The damper can easily balance the change of belt tension and maintain the pretensioning force of the belt, so that the belt can run quietly and improve the service life.

Post time: Jun-07-2022