Safety Shroud Gas spring

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Safety Lock holds gas spring in extended position until released
Added safety in case of gas spring failure/damage or accidental closing
Increased product control and operator protection
Black Nitride Rod Finish
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End of Travel Dampening
Orbital Riveted Piston Assembly
Selection of Force Ratings
Composite & Steel Ball Socket End Fittings

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Tieying Gas Springs eliminate the need for separate safety rods in critical lift-assist applications.
They positively lock when fully extended, protecting the operator from potential injury in the unlikely event of Gas Spring failure due to overload, or misuse.


Eliminates the need for separate safety rods in a critical lift.
Operates automatically.
Fixed force setting or adjust-yourself option.
Custom design, sized to your application

1.Once the gas spring is failed, the safety locking shroud can protect equipment.
2.The simply designed protection shroud needs fewer materials, which leads to cost reduction.
3.This safety locking shroud gas spring can be used for a long time.No maintenance is needed.
4. lt takes up less space, so it won't affect the operation of the whole equipment.
5.Numerous joints and accessories are optional for this non-lockable gas spring.Applications of Safety Locking Shroud Gas spring

The safety locking shroud gas spring shares the same working principle of compression

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gas spring. lt is installed with an additional protective cover which is used to avoid the
equipment damage caused by the non-locking gas spring failures. In other words, a chief use of this safety lockingshroud gas spring is to protect the equipment.
The industrial gas strut is meticulously designed. Its protection shroud is securely fixed onto a rod,which won'taffect its normal operation.Additionally , the low additional cost of product materials decreases the purchase cost.

It automatically locks the spring at its maximum extension and releases it with a single movement. This safety device prevents hatches from closing unintentionally in case of rolling or pitching. AISI316 stainless steel body. NB: 1)The addition of this lock increases the spring declared length by 25 mm. 2) In case of mounting in pairs, order extension 38.040.90.

Tieying SafeLock Locking Gas Springs are a standard gas spring but with the addition of an external locking shroud mechanism around the rod. The locking shroud is spring-loaded so it sits at an angle to the rod with the end of the shroud sitting on the end of the tube. This prevents the lockable gas spring from being compressed until it is manually moved to a position to allow compression.

This specialty attribute allows for the gas spring to always be securely in the extended position and makes sure that whatever it is mounted to is not able to be closed or moved unless you want to. It also adds extra security in the remote chance of a gas spring pressure loss removing the need for any prop rods or other external safety features. Each gas spring is pressurized with nitrogen gas.
Gas springs ending in C or K are supplied with plastic ball socket ends.
Gas spring ending in I with metal socket ends and safety clips.
Gas springs listed ending in X are supplied with threaded ends only.

Our select stock SafeLock products are listed here. And any Guden standard gas spring product, or a custom size, can be supplied with this feature as a custom run.
Tieying also offers specialty gas springs that combine the positive locking capability of a SafeLock with the adjustable feature of a SetForce.
Tieying also has a wide selection of ball studs and mounting hardware as well as a variety of end fittings.
For more information and FAQ please see About Gas Springs and the list of connectors. Also see our Notes about Safety and Gas Spring Safety and Design.
3D CAD model downloads are available for this product. Look for the CAD button on the product page.

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