Standing Laptop Desk With Locked Gas Spring

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By simply grabbing the lever to engage the gas spring mechanism you can raise the workstation platform smoothly from 29 to 42 inches from the ground. This adjustable mobile cart has a smooth writing surface and tablet slot, complete with 3 cable holes, to add even more functionality. Easily assembles in just minutes. Light weight single post design saves space, while the extended four leg base ensures stability while sitting, standing or moving.

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What is lockable gas spring?

Lockable gas springs, also known as locking gas springs or gas struts with lockout functionality, are a type of gas spring that can be temporarily fixed in a specific position or locked in place at a desired extension. They are often used in applications where it's important to secure an object or mechanism at a specific height or angle.

lockable gas strut

Height adjustments allow you to use this versatile mobile cart as a standing desk in the office, classroom, or many other work environments. 

Using the lockable gas spring in standing desk,you can get this advantage:

PORTABLE AND VERSATILE: This mobile sit stand desk can replace your conventional desk or a smaller laptop cart. Its top surface measures 27.5 inches wide to support even the largest laptops and a tablet with a dedicated tablet slot. Ideal for use as overbed table tray, laptop cart or medical and educational purposes.
EASY HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Gas spring mechanism helps raising and lowering the tabletop platform. Simply squeeze the lever to engage the counterbalance mechanism to adjust the height between 29 to 42 inches.
STABLE MOBILE DESK: Wide steel base reduces wobble for superior stability. With its large and lockable wheels it rolls around on hardwood or carpeted floors easily.
EASY ASSEMBLY: All of the necessary hardware and instructions are provided in order to get your new mobile workstation assembled in no time.

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