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Lockable gas springs find applications in industries such as automotive, furniture, medical equipment, and aerospace, among others. They are used to control the movement of lids, hatches, seats, and other components in a controlled and secure manner. The ability to lock the gas spring in place makes it versatile for various situations where stability and position control are critical.

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A lockable gas spring, also known as a gas strut or gas lift, is a mechanical device that uses compressed gas (usually nitrogen) to provide controlled and adjustable force in both extension and compression. These springs are commonly used in various applications to support, lift, or counterbalance objects.

The "lockable" feature refers to the ability to lock the gas spring at a specific position along its travel. This means that once the gas spring is extended or compressed to a desired height, it can be locked in that position, preventing further movement. This locking capability adds stability and security to applications where maintaining a fixed position is important.

Four types of handle can be choose

lockable gas spring
locking gas strut
locking gas lift
lockable gas lift

Advantages and application scenarios

Advantages of lockable gas springs:

1. Position Control:Lockable gas springs allow for precise positioning of objects, equipment, or furniture. Once the desired height or angle is achieved, the locking mechanism secures the gas spring in place, providing stability and preventing unintended movement.

2. Versatility: The ability to lock the gas spring in different positions makes it versatile for a wide range of applications. It can be used in furniture, automotive, medical equipment, aerospace, and other industries where controlled movement and position control are crucial.

3. Safety and Stability:Lockable gas springs enhance safety by preventing unexpected movements. In medical equipment, for example, the locking feature ensures that surgical tables, examination chairs, or other devices remain stable during procedures, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

4. Adjustability: Lockable gas springs allow for easy and adjustable positioning, making them suitable for applications where the height, angle, or orientation of a component needs to be frequently modified. This adjustability contributes to user convenience and customization.

Industry scenarios:

1. Medical Carts and Trolleys

2.Diagnostic Equipment

3.Rehabilitation Equipment

4.Surgical Equipment

5.Dental Chairs

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